Here I have created a photo gallery that shows how I pursue my different hobbies. Click on any image to see more of a description of what is happening in that specific photo.


Some of the earliest memories I have is of me clumsily trying to dribble an oversized soccer ball through the wet, dewy field on a bright Saturday morning. Soccer has always been a part of my life ever since I was five years old. I love everything about it; the feeling of accomplishing something as a team, the fancy footwork involved, and the high speed and intensity of the game. It has taught me how to be disciplined, how to manage my time efficiently, how to work in a team, and gave me the self confidence I have today. When I began my high school career at Boston University Academy, I quickly realized that our school did not have a women’s soccer team. Rather than stopping my soccer career, I decided to try out for the men’s soccer team. Not only did I make it, but in my senior year I became captain. Becoming captain of a men’s soccer team came with a whole set of new challenges. The biggest hurdle that I had to overcome was how to lead the team without being a pushover while also not seeming too threatening to anyone else. It is this skill that I find most useful as I pursue my degree in finance and computer science today.

Indian Heritage:

I’ve lived in Westwood, MA my whole life. While there are many things about Westwood that I love, it isn’t the most diverse place. Growing up as one of the few Indians in my town, I was very self conscious of my heritage and culture. I would often try to hide the Indian food my mom packed for lunch or feel embarrassed when my parents would talk to me in Hindi. It took me a while, but I finally started to appreciate and embrace my ethnicity. I am proud of where my family comes from and how that shapes who I am today. In highschool and college, I became very involved with ethnic clubs. In highschool, I was president of the South Asian Student Alliance Club (SASA) which was one of the biggest clubs at our school. I also helped organize the first official Westwood Diwali Celebration where I was a guest speaker for two years. In college I became an E-board member for the Boston University Hindu Student Council (HSC) where we organize some of the biggest Hindu events in the Boston area such as Garba, Diwali, and Holi.

School Supply Drive:

I started an organized School Supply Drive when I was a junior at Boston University Academy. It all started when I had the day off from school one chilly September morning. My friend had convinced me to go with her to visit an elementary school in Boston that her aunt worked in. Having nothing better to do, I begrudgingly agreed I would come with her. When I finally got to the Chittick School in Mattapan, I was instantly attached. There was nothing special about the old fashioned brick building or the dismil playground structure. But the kids and teachers who went to the Chittick School were so friendly and approachable that it really stuck with me a long time after I had left. I knew I wanted to help this community, and so I asked my friend’s aunt, Stacie Whittington, for advice. Ms Whittington mentioned that a lot of the kids did not have proper school supplies, and that the Chittick school often did not have enough funds to adequately provide their students with the supplies that they needed. Therefore, I decided to start a School Supply Drive that would collect gently used school supplies from the schools in Westwood, my hometown, as well as nearby towns. The first year of collecting supplies was such a success that I decided to continue the drive every year. My favorite part of the whole drive is when I get to see the kids that I am directly impacting.

As a side note, I’m always willing to accept school supply donations for the Chittick School. If you would like to donate gently used school supplies for elementary school children please fill out the form below.

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